Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finn in the Weird West - Scene 1

Character List (PC)
Mayor of Denver
Former Editor

Threads (PC)
Write a guide to the West
Lay Low

Chaos: 5

Event Focus: NPC (Editor) Action
Inquire Reality

Finn was relaxing in his 1 room cubby in Salt Lake City, Utah, when there came a knock at his door.

“Who is it?” Finn said in his best falsetto. Maybe if they thought he was a woman they’d go away. He had too many people looking for him, so the less interaction with strangers he had, the better.

Roll: Persuasion: 3 - no fooling this guy

“Sir, I’m from Western Union. I’ve got a telegram for a Mr Finnegan.”

Finn grabbed his pistol and eased up to the door.

Q: Is the man who he says he is? (Very Likely) Yes

As he opens the door, Finn can see a cheery litte man standing there holding an envalope.

“Are you Mr. Finnegan?”

Finn looked him up and down, and grabbed the envalope, barely grunting out a “Yeah..” as he slammed the door in the courrier’s face.

Plopping back on his bed, Finn opened the letter. Aparently his old editor at the Denver post had managed to track him down.

Dear Finn,
I’ve heard some rumors about a scientist in Salt Lake that may be a good entry for your guide.

Q: Is the scientist famous? (50/50) Yes
Q: Is it Darious Hellstrome? Yes
CQ: What did Hellstrome Invent? Divide Suffering

The famous Dr Darious Hellstrome has declared that he has invented a device that will help reduce hunger across the world. He plans to unveil the device at a galla event for the best and brightest of Salt Lake on the 19th of this month. I’ve managed to get your name on the guest list. I know I really screwed you over back in Denver and I hope this will help make things a little better,


NAME: (Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator): Hog Forsythe

Hog Forsythe

Finn was still pissed at Hog but he had to admit that this was a good lead. He crupled up the note, grabbed his hat and headed out the door. The gala was tomorrow after all and he had better get his hair cut and get a good shave if he was to look presentable.

Dr Darious Hellstrome
Hog Forsythe

Attend the gala and write a story on the device.

Chaos: 4


I realized as I was running my first scene last night that I neglected to include Finn's skills in the previous post. It's been updated to show them so please, have a gander!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Finn tours the Weird West

Recently I've been reading through the Mythic Game Master Emulator from Word Mill Games. It's basically a set of tools that you can use to come up with an adventure in any genre on the fly, with or without a GM. Going in I was skeptical, but after reading through some reviews and of the solo adventures done over at Risus Monkey, I became more convinced.

I decided that sounded like a fun activity and thought I might take a crack at it. As you can tell by the title of this blog I'm a fan of the western genre, so I decided I'd try an adventure in the Deadlands setting. For those of you unfamiliar w/ Deadlands think Western/Horror with some steampunk mixed in.

My character is a newspaper reporter who goes by the name "Finn." He's basically a rip off of Fletch transported into Deadlands. More posts following Finn's adventures in the Weird West shall follow. For now here are his stats:

Name: Edmund “Finn” Finnegan
Rank: Novice

XP: 0

Race: Human

Age: 27

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 187

Ag: d6 Parry: 4

Sm: d8 Tough: 4

Sp: d8 Pace: 6

St: d4 Cha: 0/2

Vg: d4 Grit:

Fighting: d4
Guts: d6
Investigation: d8
Notice: d6
Persuasion: d8
Shooting: d6
Streetwise: d6

Charasmatic - +2 cha

Danger Sense - Notice roll at -2 to detect suprise

Tale Teller - +2 Persuade to tell of posse's exploits



Vow - Uncover the truth.

Enemy - Mayor of Denver

Colt Army .44 (AP 1)
ROF: 1
Range: 12/24/48
: 2





& Paper

Saddle Bag

Canteen (full)


Trail Rations x7

.44 rounds x 50 (12 on person)



Currency: $46.50

Total Weight: 4.5 Self / 38 Horse

Weight Limit: 20

Encumbrance: 0


The name is Edmund Finnegan, but everyone just calls me “Finn.” I’m a newspaper reporter. I used to write for the Denver Post under the name of John Doe, maybe you’ve seen my stuff. I was the top investigative journalist the city of Denver had ever seen. I plumbed the depths of the city’s underworld and shined the light of truth down upon it. That is, until I got in a little too deep. I uncovered some nasty goings on down the Mayor's office. Real grade A stuff. When the story went to print my spineless editor, under pressure from city hall, gave my name up to the filthy bastard. Rather than find out what fun times we could have if his cronies got a hold of me, I hightailed it out of town. My plan is to head out west, take in the scenery, and maybe find something worth writing about. I’ve herd some crazy rumors about what goes on out there. If it’s even half as weird as they say, I think it’ll make a hell of a piece.

An intro of sorts

Greetings citizen! It is I, you humble proprietor: Radical Ans. I've taken out this spot on the interwebs to jot down my thoughts on gaming related topics, or whatever the hell else I feel like writing about. Right now things are kind of open, but I hope to fill this page with enough mindless drivel to keep you entertained for at least 2 or 3 minutes. So please, sit down and enjoy the show. Either that or go refresh Digg again and forget you ever saw me.